Jop Vissers Vorstenbosch


From the first March untill the end of June 2016 I leave for Detroit, US, (best country of the world) for an artist in residence.

I am fascinated by the promise of wealth created by the auto-indrustry, which later failed and has left an abandonned city. A city filled with subjects for painting and adventurous new ways of presenting them.

Together with artist Cecilia Rebergen (NL) I will do an artist in residence of one month at AIR Popp’s packing. Afther this month we will travell the Detroit area in a purpouse-bought bus, investigating the city on our own. My plan is to map the city whilst jogging and photographing.

Every week you can read an update of our findings on the blog of Art-platform Expodium: New Strategies DMC.

For this project I was granted a Bijdrage Jongtalent by the Mondrian Fund. Cecilia Rebergen is using a crowdfunding at Voordekunst.

For more information go to:
Cecilia Rebergen

Detroit street jop vissers vorstenbosch 1

Lichtbak 1 het over romantiseren en overdrijven van Detroit ruin porn op een schilderkusting wijzen

totaal rechts

close up nikon

jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak maak


zijkant over belicht


jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak overzivht links


jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak detroit overzicht rechts

jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak close up

jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak detroit maak loop

jopvissersvorstenbosch 2016 lichtbak donker rechts   lichtbord gevonden

jopvissersvorstenbosch maakprosses